Airstep Spk with looper

Looper Mode arrives on the AIRSTEP Spk Edition

Here is a move nobody was expecting: the arrival of a looper mode on the SPK Edition of the AIRSTEP foot controller for the Spark. Up until now, you had to purchase the Lite edition of the footswitch to enjoy the looper functionnality.

With recent decision from Positive Grid to launch their own Spark Control, it seems that Xsonic is decided to stay in the game for our greatest pleasure!

To get benefits of this looper feature, you’ll have to update the firmware to the 1.4 version. Once updated you’ll be able to record, overdub, undo, clear and switch the Amp channel.

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How to use the Looper ?

In order to implement the looper system, you’ll need access to a computer and a free looper software running on it.

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1. Install ASIO driver for Spark if you are using Windows. Download

2. Install the looper software Mobius. Free Download

3. Connect AIRSTEP and Spark to your computer.

4. Open Mobius and finish the audio setting.

5. You are ready to loop!

Check out the tutorial

According to XSONIC:

AIRSTEP can control the looper software and switch Amp channel at the same time, this makes AIRSTEP is the only REAL looper solution for your Spark Amp.

When Spark is connected to the computer, it becomes an audio interface, which can record and playback different sounds.

Learn More About AIRSTEP Spk Edition.

Compatible Device: Any computer with the following operating systems can run the looper software Mobius:

– Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
– MacOS 10.5 ~ 10.14

If you have an iOS device, there is another software called Loopy HD compatible with AIRSTEP Spk Edition. But it’s not free and needs an extra OTG cable. Check out the tutorial video for Loopy HD
If you want to control other powerful loopers like Ableton Live, we recommend the regular AIRSTEP and Lite, they can work with any MIDI&HID compatible looper and do more.


  1. Tom Pryzgoda

    I am getting a message saying that the download is malware on a Mac. Anyone having this issue? Any solution?

  2. Kai

    I followed the instructions for pc, saw record action in mobeus software, but do not have any output on the amp…

  3. bobby

    will you make an update so we can use with android phones and tablets?

  4. Mick

    My computer cannot see the airstep spk footswotcj in its list of Bluetooth devices. What should the airstep be recognizable ad in bluetooth?

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