Spark Pearl

The Spark Pearl is back!

In a suprise move Positive Grid decided to put new batches of the Spark Pearl on sale. According to them the Pearl is back by popular demand and because this would also be a nice occasion to celebrate the brand’s 10th Anniversary. The Pearl was announced and released early May […]


#didYouKnowIt: The JC120

The Silver 120 clean amp available in the Spark has been inspired by the Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus. When the JC120 was released in 1975, all the ingredients for a disaster were there. it was a solid state guitar amp whith an highly artifical distortion, coming from a brand known […]


Insane vs Insane 6508

Since last #sparkgeardrop we now have 2 available amps called Insane: Insane Insane 6508 Insane (EVH 5150 III) Insane 6508 (Peavey 6505) The Insane amp was initially called 5153 when the Spark was released in early 2020. Then it has been renamed Insane, most probably due to some copyright issues. […]

Airstep Spk Update 1.2

AIRSTEP Spk Edition V 1.2 Firmware update

Xsonic just announced an update for its Airstep Spk footswitch dedicated to the Positive Grid Spark amp. What’s included ? Add support of toggle on/off the new pedals in the Positive grid Spark Amp’s 2.0.0 firmware update fix Bluetooth audio interrupt issue when toggling Drive/Delay/Modulation of Spark Amp. For AIRSTEP/AIRSTEP […]


Introducing Spark TV

I’m really excited to announce the launch of Spark TV! It is supposed to be the ultimate Spark video playlist! I hope you’ll like it. Don’t forget to bookmark and share the url around. If you’re a content creator of Spark related content and don’t see your video listed, just let […]