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 Expected shipping time for the Spark CAB

Positive Grid announced on its website that due to global logistics challenges, the delivery date of Spark CAB might differ across regions. Positive Grid is closely closely monitoring the situation and will continue to give update with the latest shipping details. Positive Grid also mentions they are not responsiblefor delayed shipments resulting from weather conditions, carrier setbacks, or other factors outside our control.

For now, here are the details provided by Positive Grid as of Nov 04, 2023:

USOctober 12th – October 23rdEarly December
USOctober 24th – Current DayEarly January
CANADAOctober 24th – Current DayEarly December
UKOctober 24th – Current DayEarly December
EUROPEOctober 24th – Current DayEarly December
AUSTRALIAOctober 24th – October 19thEarly December
AUSTRALIAOctober 24th – October 25thEarly January
AUSTRALIAOctober 24th – Current DayMid January

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