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Introducing Spark Control X – Maximum Control for Spark Series Amps!

Spark Control X, the latest innovation from Positive Grid, promises to redefine the way musicians interact with their Spark series guitar amps. This wireless foot controller is designed to seamlessly integrate with Spark LIVE, Spark, Spark MINI, and Spark GO amps, providing users with an advanced and customizable experience. Let’s delve into the details of this cutting-edge device that’s set to revolutionize your music journey.

Understanding Spark Control X

At its core, Spark Control X is a foot controller crafted to work seamlessly with Positive Grid’s Spark amp series. It features six steel footswitches housed in a durable aluminum chassis with rubber side panels. Each switch comes with multi-color LEDs, serving as indicators for different settings. Additionally, the device boasts two expression pedal inputs for added versatility in your playing.

Stompbox Mode

Wireless Convenience

The standout feature of Spark Control X is its wireless connectivity. This aspect aims to simplify the user experience by eliminating the need for tangled cables. The six footswitches are pre-programmed out of the box, providing users with immediate control over various functions.

Practical Functionality

Spark Control X offers practical functionalities that cater to both studio and live settings. Swapping presets, toggling effects, and controlling backing tracks are made accessible with this foot controller. The goal is to provide musicians with an intuitive interface that adapts to their needs.

Durability in Design

Built for live performances, Spark Control X is encased in a robust aluminum housing with a silicone cover. This design not only ensures durability but also stability during use. The practicality of Spark Control X extends to its ability to endure the rigors of live gigs.

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Extended Battery Life

A notable feature is the inclusion of a rechargeable battery, providing up to 150 hours of playtime on a single charge. This extended battery life aims to minimize interruptions during rehearsals and performances, allowing musicians to focus on their craft.

Expression Pedal Inputs for Artistic Control

The device supports two expression pedal inputs, allowing users to delve into controlling effects like wah and volume. This feature adds an artistic dimension to playing, enabling musicians to explore a range of expressive possibilities.

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Compatibility and Transparency

Spark Control X seamlessly integrates with the Spark app for iOS and Android. This compatibility ensures users can tweak settings and create presets effortlessly. The inclusion of three transparent overlays simplifies labeling functions assigned to the footswitches, promoting organization and personalization.

In the Box Essentials

The package includes the Spark Control X foot controller, a USB A to C cable for charging and data transmission, three blank overlays for customization, a quick start guide for easy setup, and safety instructions for proper usage.

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Pricing and Availability

The Spark Control X is priced at $149 / €169 / £139 / CAN$209 / AU$249. Shipping is set to commence in April, adding anticipation to the accessibility of this practical and reliable gear.

In Conclusion: Practical Enhancement for Your Amp

In conclusion, Spark Control X is not just a flashy accessory but a practical tool designed to enhance your experience with the Spark series amps. Its wireless convenience, durable design, extended battery life, and practical functionalities make it a tool worth considering for musicians seeking practical and reliable gear. Whether you’re in the studio or on stage, Spark Control X offers a straightforward approach to elevating your interaction with your Spark amp.

Full Specs


6 x Steel Foot Switches
6 x Foot Switch Indicators (Multiple Color LEDs)
1 x Power Indicator (To display the battery level and power)
2 x Connection Indicators

Power Button
Pair Button

Profile 1 – Preset Mode (To switch the Spark amp presets)
Profile 2 – Stompbox Mode (To toggle the effects)

2 x ¼” Expression Pedal Jacks
1 x USB-C Port (For charging and data transmission)

Bluetooth 5.0

Up to 55 feet line-of-sight (17 meters)


L 162.9 x W 90.9 x H 36.8 mm (Switch excluded) / H 54.8mm (Switch included)
(L 6.41 x W 3.57 x H 1.44 inch / H 2.15 inch)

0.45 kg
0.99 lb


Spark Control X
USB A to C Cable
Overlap x 3
Quick Start Guide
Safety Instructions


DC 5V/2A (USB)

Built-in 750mAh rechargeable lithium battery

Up to 150 hours

7.5 Hours

Spark App for iOS and Android
Control X Software:
Customize and assign commands for each footswitch
Customize up to 8 profiles


    1. Look at them as some kind of usage scenario you can assign to the Spark Control X.
      In one case, you can choose to a scenario where the switched are used to to select or cycle through the presets assignes on your amp, in another scenario this can be used to enable/disable an specific effect in your signal chain.

  1. Dan Lawrence

    Is the set-up and control capabilities similar to the original Spark Controller? Does the Spark App need to be the top ‘active’ app on the iOS/Android device in order to maintain the Bluetooth link to the new controller, similar to the Spark Controller? Can the new controller access other Amp Presets not assigned to the Spark Amp, but defined in my Spark App?

  2. Christian Iturralde

    I had the previous spark control and the .5 second stutter when changing presets made me return it. I’ve been looking for additional information but there’s nothing related to latency. Does anybody know if they’ve resolved the issue?

      1. Christian Iturralde

        I went through the whole process with positive grid’s support team, which is nearly impossible to reach by the way. I updated the firmware both on the controller and the amp a few times, recorded a video of the issue and sent it, etc. After exhausting all the options they gave me a prepaid courier label to return it. Reading other blogs is seems like this is a widespread issue with the original spark control and it’s caused because the foot switch connects to the app then the app connects to the amp all via Bluetooth and this results in latency. My question is whether this has been resolved with the new control x. It seems like it only works seamlessly with the spark live because they connect through a 2.4gHz radio link, not Bluetooth.

  3. Remy

    Can we still return the original foot switch and get store credit to buy the X given that it’s a widespread product ‘defect’

  4. John

    I have the spark live and control x, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to change the config on the control x. I have it connected directly to spark live. When trying to use the app to connect to control x I get a message “for the best experience, please connect to the Spark LIVE by pressing the pair button on your spark live until the bluetooth wifi lights flash slowly. …” my only option is to click “OK” and the screen goes away and take me back to the add device page.

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