Airstep looper for Spark

A Looper for the Spark!

Did you know that our page about using a looper with the Spark has been the most visited page since the creation of 6 months ago ? This is probably because a looper is what’s really missing to the Spark amplifier arsenal…

The fine people of Xsonic understood it very well and, not content with having announced a Spark compatible wireless pedal few day ago, here they are again. They just unveiled a solution to manage loops with their Airstep footswitch via USB and OTG cables.

pf 7a34fe6c AIRSTEP Lite S
pf a2dbac25 AIRSTEP Lite S

Any looper app that can be controlled by MIDI are good to go, even the ones including drum machine loops.

pf 21cc8f5f AIRSTEP Lite S

USB rather than Blutooth

You might want to know why it is not possible to use the Bluetooth “Spark 40 Audio” rather than USB cables. There’s two reasons for this. The first one is the audio quality. Using the BT connection, you would be force to record the loop with the built-in mic of your device instead of the USB interface and quality would not be good.
The second reason is about noticeable latency when using multi-track loop. USB is the best way to go!

Looper control support and Pricing

Now the big question: which Airstep model does support the looper function and at which price?
Here is a recap table with features offered by the different Airstep models proposed by Xsonic.

airstep pricing

I suppose that might be a bit of a disappointment for users who planned to get the Sprk Edition as the looper control will not be part of it. However that’s the perfect occasion to consider the more premium models like the Airstep Lite or even the regular version. They will allow you to edit the switches on the pedal in whatever way you want.

More information on the Xsonic Audio Blog.

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