My Spotify playlists don’t show up

I want to use my Spotify with my Spark amp but when in the menu of the Spark app, i don’t see all my playlists. Only a few of them to choose from.

You need to check the rights of you’re playlists in your Spotify settings. If your playlists are set to private, they won’t show up in the Spark app. You need to set them to public.

If your playlists are public and still don’t show up in the Spark app, this is because you need to also add your playlists to your Spotify profile.

On mobile, you can do so 

  1. Tap icon options iphone (iOS) / icon options android (Android) at the top of the playlist.
  2. Select Add to profile or Remove from profile.

On Desktop or web player:

  1. Right-click the playlist.
  2. Select Add to profile or Remove from profile.

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  1. Richard Kramer

    Nope does not work, your integration with Spotify is very poor

  2. Roy Cuckow

    Same problem. Have checked my playlists are public. All of my Jimi Hendrix playlist appears on the App, but only a quarter of my general playlist appears and albums do not appear at all.
    Naturally, one of the songs on the general playlist that I wish to learn via the App connection with Spotify is one that does not appear on the App!

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