Spark firmware update failed

So you’ve tried to update the firmware of your Spark and get an error meesage during the procedure?
Evene worse ? You don’t have sound anymore coming out fo your Spark ?

Here are a few things to try:

  • Try to reinstall the firmware, click on the “Eject” button at the end of the procedure and unplug the USB cable.
  • Try another USB port, then run the firmware updater again. Note: please do not use a USB Hub.
  • Try unplugging and replugging the Spark USB cable.
  • Make sure to run the firmware updater as the system administrator (on Windows PC)
  • Try another computer

If your still stuck or if your amp is still mute, then I am afraid but you’ll have to contact Positive Grid and open a support request. They will probably ask you a few question and in some cases they can provide you with a new updater file. Most cases I have heard about could be fixed. Your amp is not broken!

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  1. Ricardo

    Got my go yesterday! Played around with it for a day before updating just in cause. Tried 2 times got stuck on 2 %. Third time was a charm! Yee Haa!

  2. Tim Provencio

    I fought and fought this. Tried it on Windows 11 and macOS. But, the catch was it was the latest Windows 11 and latest macOS Ventura. I tried it again using my wife’s older Windows 10 machine and it worked fine. Moral of the story, if it ain’t working for you, try an older OS.

  3. Manoo

    When an upgrade failed and got all LED flashing you can try to push an older firmware.
    This does the trick for me. Older firmware file can be found in google.

  4. Pudrow

    Absolutely can’t get my Spark 40 updated. I’ve tried 4 different computers, an Intel based iMac, intel based MacBook Pro, and 2 MacBook Air M1’s… just says failed. I’ve unplugged, ejected, restarted the installer, switch cables… NOTHING works.

    1. Rob

      I have the same problem and PG has been no help. When I try to update, my serial number doesn’t appear, and where it show the current firmware, it is often different.

      1. Ron

        Same here! Can’t find a answer for this problem. It shouldn’t be this difficult!

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