No sound coming out of the amp following firmware update

Note: This article has been updated with lastest available information on December 31st, 2021 at 09:54 am

Following release of the Spark firmware 1.4.3 end of July 2021, a number of users reported some issues, having no sound coming out of the amp anymore after the firmware update.

In the majority of cases, it it recommended to perform the update procedure 2-3 times to fix the issue.

Be sure to follow the exact procedure, step by step.

In case you still have troubles after multiple update attempts, you should reach out to Positive Grid support team. It looks like in some rare cases, depending on your computer configuration, the updater doesn’t work. In this case Positive Grid will send you a new updater file with logging capacity. In most cases, this will fixe the issues and.

As far as i know, there has been no amp permanently damaged or bricked so don’t freak out and be patient.

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  1. Buck

    I have not used the amp in months. I never did the firm ware update. Pluged in yesterday and no sound/volume from amp. Did the suggested firmware upgrade and still no sound??

    1. Strange. Have you ckeck with another cable ? If you have active pickups, have you check the battery ?
      I assume you tried to adjust volume and master knobs already? Does music streaming still work ?

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