Spark amp outputs – Line out vs Heaphones out

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Hey everyone! As the administrator of the “Spark Amp Lovers” Facebook group, I wanted to address a recurring question that often pops up: the difference between a headphone out and a line out on the Spark amps. Let’s dive into it and shed some light on this topic! 🎧🔌

First, let’s clarify the options available on the Spark amps:

1️⃣ Spark 40: The Spark 40 model offers a headphone out, which is specifically designed for connecting headphones. This output provides an amplified signal suitable for driving headphones directly. It’s great for private practice sessions and immersive playing experiences without disturbing others around you.

2️⃣ Spark Go and Spark MINI: These models provide an output that can be set either to a line out or a headphone out, giving you more versatility in connecting to different devices.

Now, let’s understand the differences between the two:

🎧 Headphone Out: A headphone out is tailored for connecting headphones. It delivers an amplified signal optimized for driving low-impedance loads, such as headphones. This output is perfect when you want to enjoy your Spark amp’s sound directly in your headphones, whether it’s for practice, jamming, or late-night sessions.

🔌 Line Out: On the other hand, a line out is designed to connect to external audio equipment, such as mixers, audio interfaces, or powered speakers. It provides a line-level signal, which is lower in amplitude than a headphone out. Line-level signals are commonly used in professional audio setups and can be further processed or mixed with other audio sources.

When using the Spark Go or Spark MINI, having the option to switch between a line out and a headphone out offers increased flexibility. If you want to connect your Spark amp to a mixer, audio interface, or other external audio gear, the line out is the way to go. It ensures compatibility with these devices and allows for integration into a larger audio setup. Conversely, if you prefer to directly connect headphones, you can select the headphone out option.

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Remember, it’s essential to match the output type to your specific needs and the equipment you’re connecting to. Using the appropriate output ensures optimal signal levels and compatibility.

I hope this explanation clears up any confusion regarding the headphone out and line out differences. Feel free to ask further questions and share your experiences in the comments below. Keep rocking with your Spark amps! 🤘😎🎸

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  1. Dan Lawrence

    What about the “Aux Out” on the back of the Spark 40?

  2. Lk

    Is there a way to connect to line out without turning off the internal speakers?

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