My Spark is too bassy or sound is muddy

Positive Grid Spark: “THE” Fix

Video initially posted on YouTube by 8 Minute Axe on the 2022-02-26

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The Positive Grid Spark40 is the best selling amp of last three years and although the reviews are generally favorable, there is one recurring issue that everybody seems to have with it: it’s too bassy! Here’s a simple fix.
An easy way to dial in whatever tone you’re looking for and get rid of any unwanted low end. It’s also the Spark’s best kept secret. I also take a look at the 3 newest amps from last year’s free firmware update. For step by step instructions on how to get the update, click here…. I hope you enjoy the video. Email me at [email protected] with any questions or feedback.

If you’re interested in buying the Spark, you can get it for $259 with this link I do make a couple of dollars (I honestly don’t know how much) but it doesn’t cost you any extra. Thanks so much.

00:00 – Intro
00:59 – The Value of a Good EQ Pedal
01:13 – Spark Firmware Update (3 new amps, 3 new pedals)
02:01 – Spark Guitar EQ
02:31 – Clean comparison
03:48 – Blues comparison
04:14 – Hi Gain comparison
05:15 – Telecaster comparison
06:05 – Guitar Giveaway
06:15 – Final Thoughts

Vangoa 12- String Guitar Giveaway Contest (2/5/22-3/15/22)
1. Watch any ANY VIDEO in my catalog and leave a comment.
2. You get 1 entry for EACH video you watch and comment on.
3. You have to actually WATCH the video to get credit (I can tell if you’re going through and watching 30 seconds of each video. If you don’t care to take a few minutes and check out some old videos it’s totally cool, but you won’t win).
4. Subscribe to the channel
5. Make sure that all bell notifications are turned on (i.e. you’re notified of all uploads)

That’s it. If you have any questions, please shoot me an email at [email protected]. Good luck!

Links to the New Upgraded Vangoa 12-String Models:
(the US models are Amazon Affiliate links meaning I make a couple of dollars if you purchase a guitar using this link. I made sure all the links are to the least expensive price listed on Amazon)

Black Matte:
Sapele Brown:
Black Left Handed:


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  1. Dan Lawrence

    What are your Noise Gate and Compressor settings? Default from the Preset?

  2. Ryan

    Seems like we should get an extra slot in the effects chain if we have to use the EQ for almost every setup. Means I cannot also use chorus or other effects.

  3. Howell Selburn

    Hallelujah. I’m looking forward to trying this myself. I got the spark before knowing about the overly bassy issue. I wonder if the spark mini suffers from this as well.

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