Spark update

Positive Grid releases new amps and effects for the Spark

Android and Apple App new updated versions are out!
New Firmware is now available!
Enjoy guys!!

The long-awaited Spark Gear Drop update is finally here! Update now to give your amp and pedal collection a nice little upgrade. Included are 6 of the most sought-after boutique amps & effects as well as a handful of custom pedals (including the highly requested EQ pedals!). And of course, the usual bug fixes and performance improvements are here as well.

*Spark amp firmware update 1.4 or later is required.

Instructions to update the Spark firmware
How do you know the current firmware version installed on your amp ?

Latest known versions are now:

  • Amp Firmware:
  • iOS App: 2.0.0
  • Android App:

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