Spark Go Firmware update issues

Spark Go firmware update issues ?

Note: This article has been updated with lastest available information on June 12th, 2023 at 07:10 pm

🔥 Important Firmware Update Information for Spark GO Users 🔥

I have noticed that some users are experiencing issues while trying to update the firmware of their beloved Spark GO. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! It seems that most of these problems can be easily resolved by following the proper procedure. Positive Grid told us most of issues were due to user errors so they put up a little troubleshooting guide. So Before diving into it, let’s remind ourselves of the importance of following instructions carefully. 😉

Troubleshooting Guide

Q: My computer does not detect Spark GO.
A: If you’re having trouble with your computer recognizing Spark GO, try connecting it to another USB port directly on your computer. Avoid using USB hubs, as they may interfere with the connection.

Q: What should I do if the updater gets stuck at 2% or shows Error Code: -2?
A: In case the updater gets stuck at 2% or displays Error Code: -2, don’t panic! Simply try running the updater again. Sometimes a second attempt can successfully resolve the issue.

Q: After the firmware update, all four preset LEDs on Spark GO start flashing when powered on.
A: If you encounter an issue where all four preset LEDs on your Spark GO start flashing after the firmware update, don’t fret. Give it another shot by running the updater once more. Often, this will fix the problem caused by a failed update.

Q: After the firmware update, Spark GO cannot be connected via Bluetooth.
A: If you’re unable to connect your Spark GO via Bluetooth after the firmware update, don’t worry. Head over to your device’s Bluetooth settings, find the previous connection for Spark GO, and forget it. Then, try reconnecting your Spark GO as you normally would.

Q: If the Bluetooth update is interrupted midway (between 5% and 37%), what should I do?
A: In the unfortunate event of a Bluetooth update interruption between 5% and 37%, it’s crucial not to immediately reconnect the USB for updating. Instead, exercise a little patience. Wait for about one to two minutes until the device shuts down on its own. Once it has shut down, restart it and then attempt to communicate with the updater again.

Remember, patience and following the steps precisely are key to a successful firmware update. 🚀 If you encounter any issues beyond the ones mentioned above, don’t hesitate to reach out to Positive Grid support team for further assistance.

Rock on! 🎶🤘

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  1. Brian

    SO frustrated. Got my Spark Go. Downloaded firmware update. Right clicked on file as instructed. There is nothing that says “Run as administrator” as shown in instructions.
    No help anywhere. Just more videos and articles saying “click on Run as administrator”

  2. Ariel C.

    Placed a ticket in but have not heard back yet in a few days. My Spark Go (two of them) don’t pair or sound since firmware update. Is there an older firmware I can downgrade to?

    1. Chimpy McChimpface

      Might be stupid but have you unplugged the cable? That was my issue

  3. Chimpy McChimpface

    If it helps anyone. I couldn’t connect my spark go via Bluetooth after firmware update. This was in spite of forgetting the previous pairing (as suggested). I still had it connected to the PC (as it was charging) I tried unplugging it and it paired straight away!

    Just adding in case it helps anyone who had the same issue as I did.

  4. Just in case it helps.l anyone who has this issue. I followed the guidance and updated firmware. After update, Bluetooth wouldn’t connect to my phone. I forgot the old pairing but still no joy. Turns out because the cable was still connected to the PC that seemed to be part of the issue. Unplugged the cable and it connected straight away.

  5. Brian

    My Spark Go was dead on arrival – the bluetooth simply doesn’t work. I’ve done the firmware upgrade. I’ve done a factory reset. The device does not even USB pair, or play an guitar input.
    I opened a case with Postive Grid a week ago. All I got was the automated response.
    Really disappointed. I have the original Spark, and am happy with it, but they have dropped the ball on this product

  6. James

    Did the spark go firmware update. After the update, the device became a doorstop. It will not turn on the blue tooth. play through the guitar OR any other function. It appears to successfully do the reset to factory spec/hard restart procedure. However, it will not work, and trying to reinstall the firmware just says that the firmware is up to date.

    The equipment and software came highly recommended to me. When I discussed my problems with that individual, I discovered it only works well with Apple products.
    It would have been nice if this was more emphasized on the original sales site.

    overall, very disappointing.

  7. MrBrewster

    Hallo everybody, I’m facing issues with my new Spark Go with SPK airstep. After downloading the latest firmware of both Spark Go and Airstep, I can pair them but cannot use both App and Airstep. I followed the instructions by pairing the Airstep before and then the App but the two things do not work simultaneously (although the Airstep website says they do).
    Anyone has faced the same issue? Thanks in advance

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