Using the Positive Grid SPARK amp as an AUDIO INTERFACE to record audio in REAPER.

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Video initially posted on YouTube by Sypher – My Six String Guitar Journey on the 2020-09-15

In this video we look at using Positive Grid’s SPARK amplifier as an AUDIO INTERFACE to REAPER. We look at the software configuration, downloading and installing the driver and the results obtained.

After ordering my Spark amp from Positive Grid, I read and saw a number of questions about the usefulness of using the Spark amp as an audio interface to record tracks into Reaper for processing. Some were talking about difficulties in configuring the amp to work with DAWs and other were talking about low volume that rendered the unit unusable.

Considering that linking the amp to a computer was one of the selling points and something that I wanted to do, I dived into the process. It was not overly easy but once you know what you are doing it only take a few minutes.

This video looks at what I had to do to connect my Spark Amp to my computer and then how to configure Reaper to use the amp.

Now, the Spark amp comes with a license for Presonus Studio One and that would clearly be the DAW of choice for most people and I would hope that configuring that DAW will be pretty easy. However, I had a few people ask me about hooking the amp up as an audio interface to Reaper because many people are fully invested in Reaper and wish to continue to use their DAW of choice.

Hopefully this video will help to put some of the myths to rest. It is only a quick look because I am not great at playing the guitar and, having only just download the evaluation, I am certainly not yet experienced in using Reaper.

Link to the Positive Grid Spark support Page for the Driver –

00:00 – Introduction
01:07 – Configuration (Part 1)
03:36 – Registering your Stark amp
04:43 – Downloading and Installing the Driver
07:04 – Configuration (Part 2)
08:48 – Recording some output though the amp
09:49 – Checking out the results and adjusting volume
11:47 – Summary and Close
14:06 – Finding your serial number from the app on your phone or tablet

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