Recording with Garageband on an iPhone with the Spark 40 Amp

Video initially posted on YouTube by Jason Little on the 2020-07-08

These are a few of the comments on some forums, facebook pages and my videos about recording with Garageband on an iPad. I’m going to do more ‘one-take wednesday’ videos based on viewer questions and comments.

– how bad is the latency with GB?
– monitoring in GB
– how big are the file sizes when recording on mobile?

0:00 – a bunch of preamble
1:10 – what you need
1:45 – setting up Garageband on the iPhone
2:25 – starting a new song
4:18 – monitoring vs no monitoring in GB
5:30 – recording 1 full guitar track for a song
6:10 – file size
6:30 – final thoughts

Song used in the video:

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