Positive Grid Spark 40 (Part 9) – How To Tweak The Amp Settings (Teisco Checkmate)

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Video initially posted on YouTube by Guitar Emerge on the 2020-10-20

In this Spark 40 Series (Part 9) video, we share our methods and ideas on how we tweak a clean amp to make it sound good. We selected a not so common amp “Teisco Checkmate” and we went through the steps to tweaking the amp. Hope this is helpful 🙂 Do leave in the comments if you like what you are hearing. Cheers. Hope you like this video. God Bless!

Patch “GE Checkmate” can be downloaded from Tone cloud

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Part 1: (First Impression and Sounds Play through)

Part 2: (Is The Smart Jam Really Smart?)

Part 3: (Steps To Create A Lush Ambient Clean Tone)

Part 4: (John Mayer Two Rock Tone)

Part 5: (Acoustic Guitar Patch with Demo)

Part 6A: (How Good Are The Drive Pedals)

Part 6B: (Drive Pedals Jam w Backing Track)

Part 7: (MIC VS USB – Which sounds better?)

Part 8: (Tubescreamer Into The Spark – Does It Sound Good?)

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