High-gain amp model demonstration

Video initially posted on YouTube by Spark Amp Tutorials on the 2020-10-14

In this video I demonstrate all 5 of the “high-gain” amp models with my Fender Stratocaster as well as my Les Paul on 3 different pick-up settings. I use the “default” settings, a “flat” setting where all dials are set to 5 as well as my own custom settings for each amp that I setup using my Les Paul. I’m playing a quick little bluesy pentatonic riff with each setup. Below is a time stamp list if you’d like to jump to certain sections. Enjoy!

0:10 Introduction and Overview
2:55 RB 101 Default Settings
4:25 RB 101 Even Settings
5:57 RB 101 Custom Settings
7:30 British 30 Default Settings
9:20 British 30 Even Settings
10:50 British 30 Custom Settings
13:08 American High Gain Default Settings
14:55 American High Gain Even Settings
16:25 American High Gain Custom Settings
18:10 SLO 100 Even Settings
19:39 SLO 100 Default Settings
21:08 SLO 100 Custom Settings
22:40 YJM 100 Default Settings
24:20 YJM 100 Even Settings
25:55 YJM 100 Custom Settings
27:55 Summary Overview

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