Does The Spark Amp Sound Good in a Mix? (Positive Grid Spark Amp Demo Harley Benton CST 24 Deluxe)

Video initially posted on YouTube by Pmoney Music on the 2020-05-21

Positive Grid Spark Demo Review (Harley Benton CST 24 Deluxe) by Pmoney_Music

Hi all. This is my second demo of the positive grid spark amp using my Harley Benton CST 24 deluxe guitar. This is a song I wrote with my buddy Mike and it will be available on all major streaming platforms on 6/20/2020.

Continued Thoughts on the Spark:

I really continue to enjoy the spark. The stock presets are not my favorite, but with a little tweaking they sounds great. The amp is pretty loud and i really enjoy that it can be used as an amp, interface and stereo monitor. I also love that the spark amp integrates so easily with major streaming platforms and you can load endless backtracks which makes practicing so much more fun. If you have any questions about the product please reach out. I will be making more videos with different tones on the Spark amp weekly!

For reference, I ordered the Spark Amp from the Positive Grid website (pre-order) on 10/30/19 and received the spark on 2/3/20.

Gear Used:
-Amp: Positive Grid Spark 40
-Interface: Positive Grid Spark 40
-Guitar: Harley Benton CST 24 Deluxe
-Daw: Logic Pro X

Song Info:
Band: Kill Me Courageous
Song: Rumors

Positive Grid Spark Demo #1:

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Positive Grid Spark Demo Review (Harley Benton CST 24 Deluxe) by Pmoney_Music

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