Spark Mini

Pre-sales for the Spark MINI are now opened

Pre-salesfor the Spark Mini are now opened!

We get a better overview on the pricing of the 10W mini portable smart guitar amp and bluetooth speaker. The Spark MINI base prices are the following (These prices do not include taxes):

  • USD 229
  • JPY 26,313
  • AUD 316
  • GBP 172
  • CAN 291
  • EUR 206

Early Bird offers

Since these are pre-sales, first 500 orders will get a special a Super Early Bird pricing (300 Black units and 200 Pearl units), including a free extra alternate Crimson grille for their Spark MINI. At the time i’m writting these lines, Super early bird offer is almost sold out. You’ll then get access to the Early Bird offer (500 Black units and 500 Pearl units), which is priced a little bit higher but will also include a free grille.

Super Early Bird Offer, including an extra grille (Limited to 500 orders)

  • USD 179
  • JPY 20,568
  • AUD 247
  • GBP 134
  • CAN 227
  • EUR 161

Early Bird Offer, including an extra grille (Limited to 1000 orders)

  • USD 185
  • JPY 21,257
  • AUD 255
  • GBP 139
  • CAN 235
  • EUR 166

Availability and Shipping ?

For now, the Spark MINI is only available for US, UK, EU, CA & AU. Other location will be added at a later stage.

These are pre-sales so don’t expect to receive your MINI tomorrow or in the coming days. Positive Grid annouces that shipping will occur in April. Further offers like Power Supporter offers will ship at a later time in May.

To pre-order your Spark Mini, just go to the Positive Grid Spark Mini official page

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