Positive Grid announces the Spark Mini!

Note: This article has been updated with lastest available information on March 2nd, 2022 at 02:20 pm

We get a lot of requests on the Spark Amp Lovers Facebook group about how to plug an external cab to the Spark to get a bigger sound, so I must say I am a bit surprised by Positive Grid last annoucement. They have been teasing for the past couple days about something BIG to arrive on Feb 22, 2022 ( Read 2/22/22 in the US date format). One would have expected a bigger amp or a Spark MKII. The wait is now over as Positive Grid just announced the release of a Spark Mini!

Spark Mini

What’s the Spark Mini ?

The Spark Mini is a battery-powered practice amp and Bluetooth® speaker including smart app integration which should offer similar features as the ones offered for its big brother, the Spark amp.

On the Spec sheet, we get a 10 Watt Class D amplifier and two 2″ Custom designed speakers. Battery is a built-in Lithium rechargeable battery delivering up to 8 hours of play time (on mid volume). Charging time will required up to 3 hours.

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The Spark Mini will allow you to record yourself as it can be used as an USB audio interface. It also something called Smart Out, which lets you choose between headphone or line out for versatile listening

spark mini kv leadgen 3 2x
spark mini kv leadgen 1 2x

The Spark Mini will be abvailable in both Pearl (white) and black colors and is also announced with swappable grilles.

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What is the price of the Spark Mini ?

Here’s an overview on the pricing of the mini portable smart guitar amp and bluetooth speaker. The Spark MINI base prices are the following (These prices do not include taxes):

  • USD 229
  • JPY 26,313
  • AUD 316
  • GBP 172
  • CAN 291
  • EUR 206

Pre-orders are possible since March 02, 2020. You can still get Early Bird offers with interesting prices and a free grille. You’ll need to place your order quickly because Spark MINI are selling out fast!

When will the Spark Mini be available ?

Pre-orders will start on March 2, 2022

More information on the Spark Mini official page


  1. randy allen

    omg…I literally just bought the spark yesterday and would have loved this….I live in a 5th wheel rv and saving space is essential !!! I use headphones all the time so this would have been perfect!?

    1. The orifginal Spark is not that big but if you find the Mini more appropriate, I suggest you to contact Positive Grid Support to cancel your order and then wait for the pre-sales of the Mini. However keep in mind that there might be some demand on it and limited stock, so you might have to wait a bit longer to receive the mini than you would for the original Spark. Cheers

  2. This is absolutely hilarious. The Spark is 1/2 the size of any practice amp and the marketing team then says “ya know what we need? One that’s even smaller” lol.

  3. Dan Lawrence

    I’d check out the Positive Grid Forum for firmware update and other issues with the current Spark 40. I’ve had no problems so far, however others, particularly outside the U.S., and Android and MacBook users seem to continually have problems with updates and Bluetooth dropout experiences. Like me, your results may very…

    1. Some users are indeed reporting issues following firmware updates but people having issues are always more vocal than people who do not.
      From what i know, most issues can be solved by a factory reset (don’t forget to backup your tones first). If this doesn’t work then you need ton contact Positive Grid Support. They’ll send you a new updater tool which should work and allow you to properly upgrade the amp firmware with no issues

  4. I’ve been thinking of ordering one of these Mini’s. I have been thinking of purchasing the original Spark as well. I remember when the Spark first came out and people pre-ordered them. There were so many complaints on the length of delivery time. I even recall reading a few here and there who responded they never received one. I honestly can’t say that actually occurred, however I know the delays were happening. That’s said, I must wonder if the same issue will raise its ugly head one more. Im retired so I have nothing but time, I still expect a timely delivery on the date stated.
    Stay Safe everyone, and Keep Rockin….!

  5. Tony

    Positive Grid came out with an amazing product initially and it just decided “how can we reverse all the progress we have made?” and we get the Spark Mini. Mission accomplished. This was the dumbest release from a company that was leading innovation a year ago and now they keep making bad decision after bad decision.

    1. Thomas

      So, you tried the Spark mini ?
      I’m a little afraid about sound quality, but having the same feature with more mobility it’s very nice.
      It’s still a pratice amp,
      Wait and see.

      1. Unfortunategly, i haven’t had the chance to get the Mini and test it already.
        From what i’ve heard from people who tests the amp, it looks like the sound is less muddy than the Spark 40

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