Sparkbox, another BT pedal for the Spark

SparkBox V0.56

This is a Dev Kit 32 version of SparkBox. SparkBox is another BT pedal for the Positive Grid Spark 40. I only needed the functionality of the simpler BT pedals. However many of them use captured hex chunks to communicate with the Spark, or were Python based. Instead I wanted to use Paul Hamshere's amazing code to create and process real messages. Also I wanted to extend the functionality a bit and make a pretty UI.


  • Expression pedal input on D34 for altering the current parameter or on/off switch
  • Uses BLE so that it can be used with music function of the Spark app
  • Allows connection of the app for full simultaneous control
  • Switch presets either on footswitch, app or Spark to update display
  • Switch on and off all four major effects dynamically
  • Graphically display the effect state on the display
  • Supports 4-button pedals
  • Hold down any switch for 1s to switch between Effect mode and Preset mode
  • Battery level indicator on UI
  • BLE RSSI inidcator

Arduino libraries and board versions

Under Files->Preferences->Additional Boards Manager URLs, enter the following:

Under Tools->Board->Board manager ensure that you have the following version:

  • ESP32 by Espressif 1.0.4 (SparkBox - ESP32 Dev Module)

Under Tools->Manage Libraries nsure that you have the following libraries and versions:

  • ThingPulse SSD1306 driver 4.2.1 (SparkBox)
  • NimBLE=Arduino 1.3.1

Compile options

Uncomment ONE battery option to match your hardware.

define BATT_CHECK_0

You have no mods to monitor the battery, so it will show empty (default).

define BATT_CHECK_1

You are monitoring the battery via a 2:1 10k/10k resistive divider to GPIO23. You can see an accurate representation of the remaining battery charge and a kinda-sorta indicator of when the battery is charging. Maybe.

define BATT_CHECK_2

You have the battery monitor mod described above AND you have a connection between the CHRG pin of the charger chip and GPIO 33. Go you! Now you have a guaranteed charge indicator too.


Expression pedal define. Comment this out if you DO NOT have the expression pedal mod.

alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text

Parts list

Item Description Link
1 Box
2 Stomp switch
3 ESP-WROOM-32U module
4 LCD screen
5 BT antenna and
6 USB extension
7 Power switch
8 DC input jack
9 Pedal jack
10 LiPo battery
11 LiPo charger
12 LiPo booster
13 9V to 5V converter
14 Glass window (opt)

More information on the Sparkbox GitHub page

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