midibox, a USB MIDI footswitch for Positive Grid Spark


USB MIDI footswitch for Positive Grid Spark

USB MIDI footswitch to BT bridge for Positive Grid Spark using Raspberry Pi

Initially based on https://github.com/jrnelson90/tinderboxpedal

Supported / tested USB MIDI footswitches:

  • Icon G-Board

Quick start

You will need:

  • a supported footswitch
  • a Raspberry Pi 4 (2Gb version should work, 4Gb version was used). It gets hot, invest a few $$s for good passive cooling enclosure. You will need a power supply as well, the official one may be the safest way
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS from https://ubuntu.com/download/raspberry-pi installed on a SD card

If attached to USB3 (green) ports, Pi 3 boots with MIDI controller attached. An example service definition is in the repo, you may want to adjust paths in it before installing / enabling it.

Following packages should be installed:

sudo apt install pi-bluetooth
sudo apt install python3-bluez
sudo apt install python3-rtmidi

and restart the Pi.

Make sure that no other Bluetooth device is connected to your Spark, and start the script with

python3 ./midibox.py

You should see messages about MIDI device discovered.

Push the leftmost button on the to row to connect / disconnect the pedal from amplifier. When pedal is not connected you can use your mobile app to change settings.

The bottom row of the footswitch is changing amp presets when connected.

More information on https://github.com/ytsibizov/midibox

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