Spark Mini Shipping Update

Spark Mini Shipping Update

Note: This article has been updated with lastest available information on April 23rd, 2022 at 08:36 am

Unfortunately, Positive Grid just announced some delays in the first expected deliveries of the Spark Mini. For those who ordered a Spark Mini through power supporters or early adopters offers, an approximative 2 months delay is mentionned (Shipping expected in June).

On top of already difficult times to source raw material, it looks like the chinese factory producing the Sparks Mini for Positive Grid has unexpectingly shutdown due to a Covid 19 outbreak.

This article will be updated if and when I have more information.

Edit 04/23 : Some members are now reporting to have received an email stating a shipping date in August…

Here is an extract of the official email sent by PG today (3/31):

We can’t wait to get Spark MINI in your hands. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait a little longer than expected. Due to COVID-19 related slow downs at our factory and shipping logistics challenges, there have been some unforeseen delays that affect when products arrive at our warehouses. This means your Spark MINI will be shipped to you later than expected. We now estimate your MINI will ship within 6/5 – 6/12.This is not how we normally like things to work, and we sincerely apologize for the delay. We’re watching this situation closely and will keep you updated with any new shipping information every few weeks.Thank you so much for supporting Spark MINI. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Help Desk.

-The Positive Grid Team


  1. Derrick

    Although I appreciate the notice, for a logistics delay that is twice the wait of the original timeframe after nearly a month has passed, I would like to see a sooner heads up in the future. This reeks of lack of transparency. Either the original preorder date should have been more forgiving to Positive Grid or The Positive Grid team should have updated us sooner after taking our money. Can we really expect these by June?

    1. Difficult to says if delay will be limited to 2 months. According to Positive Grid this delay is caused by the enexpected shut down of their chinese factory due to a Covide-19 outbreak.

    2. Richard Bross

      I have to agree. Asking for payment months ahead of time, and then adding months to the ship date is pretty weak.

      1. totally agree, i am NOT happy, they are using my money to fund their income while not being able to ship or even promise a ship date. Covid or not this is bad business

        scott gorcester

      2. RK

        Agree, positive grid screwed this up… I’ve prepaid but going to ask to cancel and get a refund.

  2. Gio

    it is truly a shameful thing. a serious company would never do such a thing. two months’ delay is unacceptable

    1. This is not intentional I suppose. According to info I received from Positive Grid, this delay is caused by the unexpected shutdown of their chinese factory due to a Covide-19 outbreak.

      1. Bill

        Deja vu all over again. Anybody remember the first go around with the original spark? Boy the public has a short memory. Anyhow that time I was later on into the game – third or fourth special round of orders- It took nearly a year to get my Spark 40. This time, from my order number and the number of sales in the very first preorder, I am literally among the first five people who ordered a mini. Let’s see how they treat one of their best, earliest customers. Unfortunately I am struggling with them over Getting a replacement for my spark switch, which I sent back to them months ago and they acknowledged needs replacements. Oh well. It’s a good thing I make a Fabulous, if not completely reliable product or else nobody would tolerate the way they do business.
        By the way, they never sent me a notice of this delay. I had to go looking for it to find it. And I am on the first couple of people who ordered. Shame.

  3. Gio

    how is it possible that on the official website they give delivery in June by buying now. I purchased at the beginning of March and delivered the same in June ?? it’s really a scam then …

  4. David Kelman

    They’re giving us enough time to consider whether we really want to pay to NOT get an amp. I don’t need this thing at all. REFUND TIME

  5. Jay Heilman

    Crazy because I never got an email stating this. You figured this would have gone out to everyone who pre-ordered. I just happened to check the status of the order (which still said ‘awaiting fulfillment’) and happened to come across this. Surprised they weren’t better prepared, especially after the success of the PG Spark Amp.

  6. rabinnh

    I was an early bird buyer on the day ordering opened, March 2 with a ship date of early April. Now the ship date is (maybe) June. Sorry, that’s BS.

    I understand factory shutdowns, but I would love to be able to investigate if those dates were ever realistic.

  7. Gary Somerville

    Website shouldn’t still be offering June delivery when those who have already paid are being told they have to wait until August.

  8. Cody Jenkins

    Pretty disappointing. Telling me a COVID-19 outbreak at your factory is the cause of a multiple month long delay doesn’t add up in my head. It just makes me feel like I’m being lied to. You would probably have fewer pissed off customers if you would be transparent and own the situation instead of acting like it was completely out of your control. Of course it’s possible that the delayed production time line was known alll along. In that case I would expect you to behave in the way that you have. “We’re sorry, it’s not our fault. COVID-19 did this and you shall not judge us.”

    1. First, just to be clear… This website is not own nor operated by Positive Grid. I’m just relaying information I have.
      Second, unless you’ve been living under a rock you must know situation in China is indeed out of control at the moment, and it generates massive delays on manufactured products.
      But you’re perfectly right to have your own opinion and in this case if you’re not pleased, you can still ask for a refund I guess.

  9. Arcenio Velez

    As stated by others no EMAIL was received , based on My Order number it would appear I’m a March 2nd order as well, I am not asking for a refund, I want what was offered and highly glamorized, to have just the system subsequently post as a delivery date that is being considered fraudulent… like so many others I want as promised, agreed to and projected to be delivered in a timely manner given the manner in which the product is produced… Just as a Consideration on the Part of Positive Grid , Consider an alternate source for your production Needs , if nothing else Consider Compensation in some form to what would be and are your loyal customers… let me be clear on this, it is for me , I don’t perform publicly , I don’t plan to ever hit the big stage, its me my gear the back porch a drink the occasional Squirrel audience , this Mini would make it easier to do what I do as I do the Farming that I do, is it really a lot to ask a company to commit to a promise implied or not ,
    BTW this is not personnel its not on the ADMIN , you do you , But customers will do what they do

    1. Arcenio Velez


  10. Brandon

    It’d be cool if they told people, I never got a email or any notice at all, I actually forgot all about it till today after seeing a ad for one, if it happened the way they said then why are they still talking preorders if they can’t deliver on the original preorders, smells like scummy business practice and I got a gut feeling to get a refund, really sucks to cause this would of been my first positive grid anything and I really wanted to like the brand, guess I’ll just stick to micro heads.

    1. Power supporters have started to be shipped. Some members have received them either in US or EU.
      It looks like the Pearl version of the Mini is suffering more delays than the black one

      1. Karl

        Dear Florent, you cannot always justify this company. You should be serious and saying yes it’s true is a shameful thing bordering on theft

        1. Dear Karl, if you know me, you would know I don’t always justify Positive Grid. I could cite that Spark Pearl operation which was supposed to be limited in time and in stock… which turned out to be the opposite.
          I was so angry about it that I prefered to cancel my order!
          In the present case, I do feel (but could be wrong) Positive Grid had no other choice and suffers from this delay as much as we do. They had a bad hit when the Spark 40 was released. I can’t help but thinking they would be crazy to reiterate these delay issues consciously.
          A lot of people doubt about stock shortage or production issues because of Covid. This is a reality. Last week my car dealer told me I would have to wait until October to get a car becasue of stock shortage on micro chips.
          Now, if we talk about things I don’t like is PG continuing to sell Minis with a shipping date announced for June. Difficult to say if this date will be met or not but I have honest doubt they will deliver on time on these… in this case I totally agree, that would be dishonest from their end

  11. Don.farr

    This same thing happened with the original spark amp. What I struggle to understand is why the company is still advertising June delivery dates on purchases when they are well aware of the delays. I can almost guarantee this will get pushed back again, much like the original amp which was an 8month wait.

  12. BvdZee

    As an early bird customer I would appreciate a monthly status update. I’ve been waiting from March the 5th and have to search regularly for some kind of update of what the status is of the ordered Spark mini. I know there is a big shortage on components that effects all suppliers worldwide but why don’t they send me an email with a status update? This is not good for your customer relation.

    1. I am also a super early bird. Last communication received from Positive Grid is date 3/31, stating I would receive my MINI between 6/5 and 6/12.
      No words from them since… Let’s see if I receive something in the coming days.
      But you’re right on one thing, they should be more pro-active and send updates to their customer more frequently.

  13. Chris

    First, it’s their business model .. prepaid orders to fund the manufacturing, it’s annoying, lock downs don’t help! I’d prefer American made personally. However, I look at it this way, I want instant gratification. I believe we’ve been trained to order things (or consume) to feel the anticipation of something new, So, I ordered one. Seems like something fun to take to the park .. so however long it takes, I don’t need to order anything else, still get the anticipation of a new toy .. and really I don’t need it – I’ve got two black star minis, a NuX. I even have several acoustic guitars (no amp required) – so really, it’s saving me money ; )

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