Spark Amp Lovers partnering with Spark Amp Tutorials!

The Spark Amp Lovers community is excited to announce that Andy Garland who hosts the Spark Amp Tutorials YouTube channel is proud to be a part of the Spark Amp Lovers website!

A word from Andy

I’ll be helping your favorite website admin Florent Destors with general site upkeep, blog posts, promotional videos, housekeeping and any other ways I can help keep this site rocking!

Several of my videos are already accessible from within the site and I plan to create more to help you all get the most out of your Spark Amp!

A word from Florent

Steve Jobs once said “It is crucially important to have a vision and more importantly to share the same vision”. With Andy, besides sharing the same passion for the Spark Amp, we also have the same vision when it comes to helping people, teaching them how things work or just sharing information. That’s why I’m really excited to have him on board so we can continue to develop this amazing community around the Spark Amp.

We are excited to be working together and bringing more value to you all!


  1. Hi Jim, thank you for reaching out!
    Your help proposition is really appreciated but for now, i’d like to streamline our process with Andy so that everything can be smooth and consistent from a user but also a contributor perspective.
    In the meantime, i’d be please to relay your Youtube videos in the appropriate website categories if you want. Just send me the links to your vids and some description of the content.
    Anyway, i’ll keep your contact details so that when we decide to open up to more contributors/authors i’ll be able to reach out.
    Thanks you

  2. Hi,
    I have a spark amp which I love. Just got the air step light pedal, which I like for switching presets, and loopy HD, which I cannot for the life of me get to pair with the airstep app. I listened to Andy’s YouTube. He seems like a very patient and good teacher. He makes it look so easy but alas, no cigar… My question is, would it be possible for me to hire Andy as a FaceTime or zoom tutor to help me get this super cool but not functioning rig up and running? I would think whatever my problem is beyond being a total Luddite, may help him to focus on helping others with similar problems, which I see a lot of on the air step Facebook page. I’m desperate. Thanks!
    Ben Livingston,
    Austin Texas

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