new Spark App Update available!

Hi guys,

A new Spark App update is available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. No new features in this update though. it is just bug fixes and improvements.

Latest versions are now :

  • Android: v1.7.4.3010
  • iOS: v1.7.5


  1. Evert

    Hey, I upgraded to on Android 10, and can no longer search for songs in the app, it complains that I have no internet connection (which I do since it can load jam tracks) . Anyone else having this problem?


  2. Evert

    I can add that I get a time out on iOS 14.3 with app version 1.7.5 when searching for songs. Is their database server down?


    1. This is not clear if this is a bug or a temp issue with Gmail. I’m trying to get info from PG as i get multiple sources having reportés same issue. I’ll keep you posted

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