Change your Airstep into Spark Control

How to transform your Airstep Spk into a Spark Control footswitch ?

Xsonic just announced today the release of a new firmware update for the Airstep footswitch allowing you to turn it into the Spark Control (well at least dispose of the same functionnalities as the Spark Control, which is the official foot controller produced by Positive Grid 😉 )

Please note that Xsonic insists on the fact it is an experimental function whose availability is not guaranted in the future. This will probably depend on Positive Grid’s reaction to the whole thing.

This firmware will work on Airstep Spk, Airstep Lite and Airstep

To transform your Airstep into a Spark Control, you’ll need to use the Aistep Updater App (available on both Play Store and App Store) and select the MODEL named “Experimental Mode for Spk Edition” in the App.

Here is a tutorial on how to update the Airstep

After the update is successful, the switches of AIRSTEP will have exactly the same function as Spark Control in the pic shown below.

airstep lite s

Please remember, you can always upgrade back to AIRSTEP’s regular firmware.

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