Grounded power supplies now being shipped by default ?

Note: This article has been updated with lastest available information on December 30th, 2020 at 10:29 am

I’m happy to announce that more and more Spark Amp owners are reporting on our Facebook Group that Positive Grid is now shipping the guitar amp with a grounded power supply.

This is a very good news as some owners were having issues with the original power supply which was not grounded.
Most annoying issues were hum and in some rare cases small electric shock. These problems were impacting a small subset of users.

Positive Grid has urge Spark owners with these issues to get in touch with its Support Team. They will happily replace the faulty power supply by a new one.

It seems there are still some original power supplies being shipped. Most probably due to some existing stocks. Let’s hope 100% of new shipped Spark Amps will get that grounded power supply soon!

If you have a hum issue with your amp, please follow this procedure


  1. Slava

    I can confirm the Spark amp ships in Europe with a grounded power supply. I received my spark amp yesterday (27 January 2021) in Europe and got a grounded power supply.

  2. Stephen Walsh

    I have been waiting for my replacement power supply since October.
    Still no sign.I am in the UK

    1. Hi Stephen,
      Have you tried to contact Positive Grid about that delay already ?
      I know there are some serious issues about shipping in the UK because of the Covid situation and the Brexit.
      Have you tried alternative solutions in the meantime ? like plug in the amp to a laptop with USB, try another grounded power supply ?

  3. Tom Minkler

    What is the BRAND of power supply they ship? I forgot to label it when it came and now i have to match my adapters with their equipment.

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