Airstep Spark Footswitch

AIRSTEP Spk Edition V 1.3 Firmware update

Xsonic just announced an update for its Airstep Spk footswitch dedicated to the Positive Grid Spark amp. I know most of you were waiting for this update as it brings a major new feature to the table!

The Footswitch and App can finally connect simultaneously

It has been announced few weeks ago by Xsonic but we were waiting for the release of the firmware as it bring the ability to connect the footswitch to the Spark amp at the same time as the app. No need to reconnect to the app anymore each time you want to adjust things or change presets on the amp!

The bad news

Well, the bad news is that for now, this feature is only available for iOS users. Android users will get the option but will have to be a bit more patient and wait a bit more (no release date announced for now).

Support for the Hendrix pack

The Airstep 1.3 firmware update also brings support to the Hendrix Pack which Positive Grid released last month. It adds the toggle function for the J.H. Legendary Wah. A long-press on the “DRIVE” button will toggle the Wah pedal.

You’ll find more information on this release on XSonic blog post.

How to perform the upgrade ?…/7347640875617134


  1. Ole Mortensen

    Does xsonic airstep and spark app work at the same time. I do not have the spark editon ,but the original Airstep. I have updated till version 1.9.2 but i will not work at the same time.
    Can anyone help me. Thanks in advance. Ole F.

  2. Bucky

    Does this feature still work with the most recent Spark 40 firmware? I’ve tried all available Airstep Spk firmwares (1.3 and up) and have not been able to connect both to the amp and app at the same time on my iOS device. I am following the instructions from xsonic website exactly (connect pedal to amp, then connect app to amp). Here is the relevant blog post from xsonic

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