Can I load presets from BIAS FX 2 into Spark ?

Note: This article has been updated with lastest available information on May 8th, 2023 at 07:47 pm

No you can’t. Although tthey share the same base, tone engines are different. There are 2 different Clouds to host tones from Bias FX and Spark.
You also don’t have the same processing power in your Spark as in mobile, tablet or computer.

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  1. Keith

    While mobile platforms and non-mobile platforms differ in terms of processing power, it is absolutely ludicrous to suggest that your mobile device isn’t powerful enough to run the desktop versions of these modeling apps. I can guarantee you the processor in your iPad is 10 times more powerful than the cheap SHARC processors in the stomp versions of these apps (HX Stomp, Helix, TONEX, IK X-GEAR, MOOER, Headrush, etc). Those processors are <$30 in quantities.

    I really wish people would stop making these claims. There is absolutely no technical reason why modern tablets can't run this software. It's just an excuse.

    1. Thanks Keith for pointing that out. I’ve updated the article. One shouls read the Spark processor is not as powerful as on phones, tablets or computers.

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