Does Spark Amp have a looper?

Note: This article has been updated with lastest available information on April 25th, 2023 at 07:16 pm

Video initially posted on YouTube by XSonic on the 2021-05-31

With the AIRSTEP and your Smart Device, you can finally get a REAL looper for your Spark Amp!

In the video, the AIRSTEP Lite is set to switch channels of Spark and toggle recording of the Looper App.

The Looper App is called Loopy HD, only available on iOS, if you are using Android, check this video.

Setup of AIRSTEP Lite in the video:

  • SwitchA – Spark Channel 1
  • SwitchB – Spark Channel 2
  • SwitchC – Spark Channel 3
  • SwitchD – Loop Track 1
  • SwitchE – Loop Track 2

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  1. Andy Hale

    As an Android looper, Xsonic tells us to use Beats and Loops. However, it seems to have disappeared from the net and the company doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Any ideas where I can get a copy of if there is an alternative?

    1. Hi Andy,
      Last information I have is dated from December 2022 and comes from Xsonic people:
      “There is currently no suitable third-party Looper app available for Android, but you can use Mobius on PC.”
      Here’s the tutorial

  2. Tom

    No Looper without jumping through hoops. Lot of hype surrounding this gadget that turns into a whole separate project to implement it’s claims.

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