A Spark of an amp !

Video initially posted on YouTube by Guitar In Situ – Antoine Aubry on the 2020-10-30

A review/demo of the Spark amp made by Positive Grid
00:50 Knobs
02:19 Bluetooth speaker
02:56 USB interface
03:19 the app : control panel
05:13 Presets
05:45 Sound demo (bass and acoustic guitar at 09:04)
10:28 Note about the reverb
11:25 Smart Jam
13:17 Using the app to play music
14:10 Video recording
15:20 Conclusion
Note : You can actually change the amp and stomboxes models just by double tapping on them.

This video isn’t sponsored in any way, everything I say in it is my own opinion.
All the music played in the background of this video is from previous videos available on my channel

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