The ULTIMATE practice amp from Positive Grid – The Spark Mini

Video initially posted on YouTube by Papalytic on the 2022-03-03

Ok everyone here is a closer look at the soon to be released ‘Spark Mini’. I have tried not to blabber too much and let the demos kind of speak for themselves. I even left in some bung notes too. 🤣 Here are the time stamps for the actual guitar demos if you don’t want to have to wade through the entire clip, but you may miss little tips about my recording process if you do. Enjoy! I Did!

5:47 spark mini room mic solo (cliffs of dover (intro)- Eric Johnson)
7:07 spark mini room mic with bluetooth audio backing track (still playing Cliffs)
8:43 spark mini close mic’d with a condenser mic and dynamic mic, double tracked (Laughing stacks (intro) – Michael Lee Firkins)
10:58 Spark mini and Spark 40 full stereo headphone out recording, double tracked (Warheads (intro) – Extreme)

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