Echo Filt

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Positive Grid Echo Filt pedal is available under the Delay effect group and is inspired by Marshall Echohead EH-1.

Echo Filt Pedal
Marshall Echohead EH-1 pedal

What Marshall says:

From accurate, syncopated echoes to vintage tape machine delays, the EH-1 Echohead is a fully adjustable delay pedal that offers six popular delay modes. Combined with its external tap tempo input and stereo output, it’s the perfect secret weapon for all guitarists. 

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  1. Matthew Miles

    This Spark delay pedal has all the features of the pedal it is modeled after yet there is one knob on the spark which weirdly does not relate to the original. What is the “tone” knob for? It dials from 1-10, while the Marshal pedal has 6 different delay “modes”.

    Do the “tones” on Spark correlate to the “modes” on Marshall?

    1. Positive Grid doesn’t mentioned anything on its website. We do think this pedal has been inspired by the Echo Filt because of their design similarities

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