Spark Pearl

The Spark Pearl is back!

In a suprise move Positive Grid decided to put new batches of the Spark Pearl on sale. According to them the Pearl is back by popular demand and because this would also be a nice occasion to celebrate the brand’s 10th Anniversary.

The Pearl was announced and released early May 2021 and at the time was presented as a limited collectible edition. It took only a few weeks for PG to sold the more than 4,000 units they had in stock. For those who don’t know, the Spark Pearl is exactly the same amp as the Classic Spark (black) but dressed in a white tolex.

spark face intro

While i can understand Positive Grid wants to celebrate its birthday, i have some issue about that marketing/communication campaign.
As it has been said by some members in our Facebook group: “The meaning of a limited edition should actually be that it stays with the limited amount and thus a possible increase in value could take place. […]”. It turns out the fact the initial “limited edition” was not so limited. First Pearl buyers will appreciate…

Nevertheless I wish a Happy Birthday to Positive Grid. The Pearl remains a very beautiful object with a high WAF score. Definitely, it could take center stage in your living room!

Pre-orders start September 1, 2021. So Stay tuned if you’ve been looking to get the Spark Pearl.


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