Launch of ToneLab

Hi Sparkers!

We have almost 365 blank pages to write to make 2021 what we want it to be, so let me wish you, your family and friends, all the best for this new year to come.

I’m really grateful for your support and implication to this place this past year. The Spark Amp Lovers Facebook Group has been an exciting journey for me. It started few months ago back in April; A bit like a bottle thrown into the sea… We are almost 7,000 active members now!

Few days ago, i launched this Spark Amp Lovers website with some helpful resources. I can tell you it helps a lot of people! So i thank the community and our group members who helped in a way to bring some content in here, by the answers they provided there! Thank you guys!

Now David Bowie once said:

I don’t know where i’m going from here, but i promise it won’ be boring

So I’m really excited to announce the launch of ToneLab, a companion/sister website to this website.
You can already bookmark the url

ToneLab aims to provide useful resources related to the Amps modelisations and effects offered by the Spark App.

There’s a lot of content in there. You’ll find information on original pedals which inspired Positive Grid pedals but also some resources to better grasp how some effects are working and how to use them in your chain…

I hope you’ll like this new place.

As always, feel free to send me your comments, remarks. If you want to participate to this adventure and want to write some articles for this website, you can also contact me.

Cheers and Happy new year!

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