What charger/adaptor should I use to charge the Spark Control battery ?

Spark Control comes with a built-in battery. For charging, it is recommended to use the supplied cable with a charging brick (not included) that features a USB port and supports at least 500mA charging. Charging via computer is not recommended.

Alternatively, any 9V center-negative power supply used for powering most guitar pedals can also be used to charge Spark Control.

The battery will last 150~200 hours on a single charge.

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    Does this mean a large or small iPhone charging brick will charge a Positive Grid Spark foot switch? Thanks

  2. Giacomo

    I connected the Spark control to a 9V charger, but I couldn’t tell if it is charging or not. Should any LEDs light up during charging?
    Also is it possible to use a wah wah VOX pedal to the Spark Amplifier? I tried to plug it and no sound come out.
    Thank you

  3. How do I start??………. I have my “NEW” Spark Control” pedal. It showed up in the mail today, thank for the fast shipping!!!

    I searched on how to charge (best method) the “Spark Control” the pedal I purchase to enhance my “Positive grid” experience. Lets just say, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN HERE!!

    I would think that “NOT RECOMMENDING” charging it with a USB connected to a computer would be something that you would mention prior to purchase!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t you worry, after spending the money I have spent with your company…… I’ll figure it out!!!!

    I have an account, you know how to contact me..


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