The 5 Best Positive Grid Spark Amp Tones from Tonecloud

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Video initially posted on YouTube by Jason Little on the 2020-10-29

The top 5 Spark Amp Tonecloud tones have over 350,000 downloads. Are they any good, or is this a case of people being too lazy to scroll down? 🙂

I recorded 4 simple 60-second or less songs to check them out. All guitar tracks on each individual song are using the same patch.

Intro: about the test (how it was recorded, instruments used etc)

1:20 – Song 1 (Dire Straights Patch, 3 guitars only, upcoming song from my band)

2:35 – Song 2 (Fender Bender, 3 guitars, bass and drums – Song is a Christmas song, Jesus in the Wind, by Sherry Joan written and performed by her and I –

3:21 – Song 2 (Classic Marshall, 3 guitars, bass and drums – song is “Every Now and Then” which is my bands next single. This is the demo, the real song is a bit different and our guitar player is AMAZING, follow him on IG:

4:16 – Song 3 (ENGL Fireball and Metallica patches – song is just something made up)

4:49 – Wrapup

Next up, same test but with the Line 6 Amplifii TT (whatever their tonecloud is called)

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