“Take On Me” Bass Line on the Positive Grid Spark Smart Amp

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Video initially posted on YouTube by Justin Nelson on the 2020-05-18

Made this using my ToneCloud tone “Take On P-Bass” on a 2007 Mike Dirnt Squier P-Bass with the Positive Grid Smart Amp, Sennheiser e835 mic, Mackie 802VLZ4 mixer, Scarlett 2i2, Vegas Pro, and Reaper. This is miced at a room volume of about 60 dB so as not to disturb the neighbors in the apartment below us

I recorded this 76 days into learning to play bass. The original bass line for the song was played on a Yamaha DX-7 Synth, using an effect which is similar to a digitized slap bass. I’ve recreated as much of that sound as I can with the Spark effects, using this song’s Rocksmith DLC Authentic Tone as a reference.

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