Recording a full song with acoustic, bass and guitars with the Spark 40

Video initially posted on YouTube by Jason Little on the 2020-07-04

I recorded a short song using only the Spark amp and GarageBand with stock plugins.

Why? Because, you might be a new Spark owner and don’t have an interface and want to get started with recording. There’s no need to buy anything else.

0:10 – why this test
1:50 – un-mastered song recorded in Garageband
3:20 – mastered version using eMastered
5:48 – test details (instruments, patches etc)
7:09 – how to find my patches in tonecloud
7:45 – individual instrument playing examples with details on patches I used
11:00 – wrap-up

Recording Software:

ASIO driver:
Pro Tools first (FREE):
Pre-sonus Studio One (FREE with Spark):
Reaper ($60):
Traktion Waveform (FREE)

– Vox trem stadium (Vox trem stadium 2 is the same, but tonecloud doesn’t let you edit tags once uploaded so I had to re-upload it)
– Plexy rock
– Plexy rock lead

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