Positive Grid Spark AMP – 3 Month Review, Most Used Features, and Recording

Video initially posted on YouTube by Jason Little on the 2020-09-04

I’ve had the Spark Amp for 3 months, here’s what features I use the most and a few examples of recording with it via USB and Mic’ing it with an SM 57.

All recording example sections have raw and processed sounds. I used input processing for all recording running the Spark USB and SM57 signals through an NLS channel and stock logic compressor.

0:34 Overview of video
1:45 Part I – thoughts after 3 months and features I use the most
6:15 Part II – Recording with the Spark – Cover Song 1 – ACDC Highway to Hell – USB only
14:50 – Cover Song 2 – Queensryche, Another Rainy Night – USB and Mic’ing the amp
22:50 – original song with heavy guitars
26:00 – Wrap-up

Links mentioned:
Our cover of Highway to Hell: https://open.spotify.com/track/20JoPwYyp3vP4X1rEj0djo?si=xQPD4hNhStKIJbpvTu8WHw

Angus Young equipment list: https://equipboard.com/pros/angus-young

Softube Drawmer 73 plugin: https://www.softube.com/drawmers73

Software instruments mentioned at the end of the video:

Real Guitar: https://www.musiclab.com/

5 Bass options: https://musicianshq.com/5-ways-to-record-bass-without-a-bass-guitar/

EZ Drummer 2 – https://www.toontrack.com/product/ezdrummer-2

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