Positive Grid Spark 40 (Part 2) – Is the Smart Jam Really Smart?

Video initially posted on YouTube by Guitar Emerge on the 2020-08-07

In the previous video we shared our first impression and we played through the different channel settings so you can have a better idea on the overall tones available.

In this part 2 video of the Positive Grid Spark 40 Amp, we will explore the smart jam feature. There are 3 ways to jam:
1) Smart Jam – Record your own 8 bar progression
2) Smart Jam – Spark 40’s own backing track in 4 Genres (Pop, Rock, Blues, Funk)
3) Youtube Jam – Spark 40 categorise popular youtube video backing tracks according to Genre
We basically went through these 3 jam features and showcased how it works.

Hope you like this video. God Bless!

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