How to Contact Positive Grid Customer Support

Note: This article has been updated with lastest available information on February 15th, 2022 at 07:20 am

Positive Grid does not provide a customer service phone number fot the Spark amp. If you have question regarding the Spark amp, they have a chat bot on their support page. Just click on the Support button at the bottom right of the page.

However, best way to contact official Positive Grid Support is by submitting a help request on their website.

Information message

Please note that this website is not operated and has not affiliation with Positive Grid.
Therefore we cannot help you in case of hardware issues, orders or delivery delays.

For Positive Grid support, please log a ticket on their official website.

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    1. Hi Tim website is not the official Positive Grid website.
      if you hhave issues with your order. best is to contact their support team on their website directly

      1. Mark

        They are morons! They sent me a defective amp, fooled around for two weeks after saying they would send another amp only to refund my money!! Morons!!!

      2. Mike Gates

        I’m trying to get ahold of someone because my spark mini will not charge it’s getting hot and burns up my charging cable I need to send it in and get it fixed how do I communicate with someone

        1. Walter Urban

          Where’s the other half of my order? I received the speaker cabinet but not the head. I tried to track my order but your website is repetitive and vague. Please send head soon or I’ll return it all for a refund!!!

    2. Joseph

      I bought the riff that I believe it comes with the bias FX 2 and I can’t get it to work if somebody can please call me and walk me through it 239-572-2950

      1. Hi, please note that this website is not operated and has not affiliation with Positive Grid.
        Therefore we cannot help you in case of hardware issues, orders or delivery delays. Also, the Riff is a different product than the Spark and therefore cannot provide you with some help.
        Best is to contact Positive Grid support directly by logging a ticket on their official website here:

  1. Paul Rampling

    Just received my new Spark pearl today. Sounded fantastic out of the box……until I updated the firmware as directed by the app. Now all I have is a dead amp. So disappointed. Tried a factory reset and reinstalling the firmware multiple times, Still no Bluetooth or guitar sound. Just a dead amp. I’m running the firmware updater on a MacBook Pro using the latest Apple Monterey OS. Please help?

    1. Hi Paul, Sorry to hear that
      Try a few more time the update procedure.
      If this still doesn’t work, then open a ticket to Positive Grid Helpdesk.
      They will help you out. This is not an uncommon issue these days unfortunately.

  2. Heather

    Ordered a Spark Control footswitch to go with my son’s Spark amp for Christmas on 12/5/21. It hasn’t shipped. I’ve reached out through email and live chat and can’t get an answer from Positive Grid. Has anyone else had this issue. I wish there was a phone number to call.

      1. Kevin McConnell

        Yep, that’s why I’m sending mine back if it ever actually gets here.
        Can’t do business with people who don’t have decent customer service.
        No phone, 3 day email, and my amp was sent to my old address which I never even gave them. No idea how they even got it!!!

  3. Carl W Glacken Sr

    On November 24 i somehow ordered 2 positive grid spark amps. I didn’t realize this until I got back in town and to my home. One amp was ordered thru positive grid using my credit card and the other thru Braintree using PayPal. Neither of these packages have been opened so they are both considered brand new. I would like to return one of these packages because I clearly don’t need two of them. Could you advise me on what I need to do to return one of these spark amps?

  4. Carl W Glacken Sr

    I have been trying to locate their phone number to talk to them about this problem but I have had no luck in locating their number. Can you help me by giving me their number

    1. Kevin McConnell

      The only number I could find CHARGES $1.00 to use!!! Nice customer service, huh???

  5. Les G.

    Why is it so difficult to find Positive Grid support, and then a reply in any fashion, whether email, phone, text? Continual redirection to FAQs is not support. I would not have ordered a Spark (regardless of how good it might be) if I had known how hidden and virtually nonexistent their support was.

  6. Frances Eargle

    No order received. No contact phone number. Is this a scam? How do I report?

  7. Michael Martin

    I am stunned at the lack of help! My spark amp does not work, but for weeks I have been promised help and nothing at all has happened. I haven’t even gotten a response in days now. I love this amp but it is useless to me right now. Help!

  8. Michael Marti

    Why does my comment say it is one year old? This was posted on February 7, 2022!

    My Amplifier does not work. I have been trying to get resolution for weeks upon weeks. Nothing has happened. Now I’ve even stop getting responses from customer service. I love the amp but it is totally useless to me and at this point I am very disappointed with the customer service.

    1. Hi Michael,
      First, this website is not official Positive Grid website and we have no affiliation with them. Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do about the lack of help you’re receiving from their support team. But maybe, if you start by describing your issue, we could try to provide you answers or leads…
      Oh and by the way thanks for pointing this issue with the comments dates! I’ve fixed it!

  9. William Maycock

    Your customer service totally sucks. I love my spark Amp and ordered the foot switch the end of January. Still haven’t received it. Why don’t you have a customer service number? If you’re a reputable business, then you should have no problem with supplying a customer service number.

  10. Jaja


    Seems like Positive Grid’s Contact & Help pages have been down for weeks.. so how does one go about to contact them nowadays?

  11. Darren

    Trying to find out if the spark foot controller will work with the spark mini and if so as full function

  12. Ray Poole

    I ordered a riff? Not received it yet paid through PayPal? If you put in code for 15% off doesn’t work still paid offer price? Already have a Spark amp very happy with that but would have liked the 15% off riff

  13. Paul Parisi

    How do you use the app to play songs with the scales on it and the chords a lot of the songs don’t have the scales on it.
    I noticed a few only have the scales with the chords. How can I see on app the scales also??

  14. Trey Agnew

    Can you connect a Spark amplifier to garage band on an iPad Pro?

  15. Can I modify the headphone Jack as to not mute the signal to the Spark speakers? My intent is to use the Spark Positive Grid 40watt as a stage monitor and send the post effect signal to the PA.

  16. Kevin McConnell

    Ordered a Spark 40.
    They sent it to my OLD address, which I didn’t even give them!
    Tracking said it was delivered. It was NOT! Not there OR here!
    There is NO phone number to call, and only emails which will be answered in a few days!!!
    I’m planning on sending it back now. Great little amp, but I CAN NOT do business with shitty customer service!

  17. Jim Stark

    You left a statement on Positive Grid website stating that a new batch of the Spark 40 wil not connect to the PC, your aware of it, when is this going to be resolved? I just received mine from Amazon and to be honest I am ready to send it back for a refund if I don’t get a fixed dated. Amazon want customers to talk with the company before returns, that’s all i have to say.

    1. John

      I’m trying to see how this amp works with Android. No FRICKEN phone number to call anyone. This is bullsht. Any ideas Jim

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