Spark amp list

Here is the complete amp list of simulation you can fing on the Spark and their equivalent models in real life.

Positive Grid Spark Amp Simulation List

Category Amp Inspired by


Silver 120 Roland JC120
Black DUO Fender Twin Reverb
AD Clean Orange AD 30
MATCH DC Matchless DC30
ODS 50 Dumble Overdrive Special


Tweed Bass Fender Bassman
AC Boost Vox AC30
Checkmate Teisco Checkmate20
Two Stone SP50 Two Rock Studio Pro 50


American Deluxe Fender ’57 Custom Deluxe
Plexiglas Marshall Super Lead 100
JM45 Marshall JTM45
Lux Verb Fender Deluxe Reverb
Blues Boy Fender Blues Junior

High Gain

RB 101 Bogner Ecstasy 101
British 30 Orange AD30
American High Gain Mesa Boogie JP-2C
SLO 100 Soldano SLO-100
YJM100 Marshall YJM100 Signature


Treadplate Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
Insane (Formerly 5153) EVH 5150 III
Insane 6508 Peavey 6505 (EVH 5150)
SwitchAxe H&K Switch Blade
Rocker V Orange Rockerverb 50
BE 101 Friedman BE100


Pure Acoustic PG Original
Fishboy Fishman Acoustic Amp
Jumbo PG Original
Flat Acoustic PG Original


RB-800 Gallien-Krueger 800RB
Sunny 3000 Sunn 300T
W600 Eden WTP600
Hammer 500 Aguilar Tone Hammer 500

You can download this list of all available amp simulations and the models which inspired them below in the attachment section.

See also the list of available effects in the Spark

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